MaxxMacro and MaxxMagnum tombstones offer enhanced machine utilization and extended operational periods through versatile clamping options. Compatible with horizontal machining centers and smaller vertical machines featuring 3, 4 or 5 axis tables, these tombstones cater to diverse machining needs. MaxxMacro tombstones provide a comprehensive solution for milling multiple parts simultaneously, allowing for efficient, unattended machining.

The swift and precise tooling changeovers facilitated by our MaxxMacro clamping system ensure seamless transitions between tasks, whether for extended production runs or shorter cycles. By minimizing downtime and tool changes, they maximize machining hours, enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, their compact design makes them suitable for integration into smaller 5-axis machine tools, contributing to space efficiency without compromising functionality.

  • Enhanced Machine Utilization: Tombstones optimize machine performance by efficiently holding multiple parts simultaneously, maximizing operational efficiency and extending running periods.
  • Seamless Tooling Changeovers: Swift and precise tooling changeovers minimize downtime, facilitating smooth transitions between tasks and maximizing overall productivity.
  • Quick Setup and Dismantling: Tombstones streamline operational processes with quick and effortless setup and dismantling within the MaxxMacro system, saving valuable setup time and enhancing workflow efficiency.