MaxxMacro® WEDM - MXRulers and Reference Elements

The MXRuler system, developed by MaxxTooling, serves as a versatile and cross-compatible alternative to the 3Ruler system. It is designed to provide efficient clamping solutions for medium-sized and large workpieces on machines with parallel or U-shaped machine tables, as well as machines with frame tables. The MXRulers feature built-in height adjustment and can be used individually or in pairs.

Similar to the 3Ruler system, MXRulers enable precise positioning of rectangular or round workpieces, regardless of their weight or size, along the machine zero line. This ensures a collision-free operation and enhances safety in machining processes. Furthermore, the MXRuler system offers a broad range of accessories, providing users with flexibility in adapting the system to various applications and requirements.

The MXRuler system provides machine-adapted ruler lengths, allowing users to select rulers that are suitable for their specific machine setup. To achieve fixed references in all three directions, MXRuler system allows users to equip their machine tables with reference elements. These reference elements serve as reliable points of reference, enabling consistent and accurate measurements and alignments.

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MaxxMacro 239445 MXRuler WEDM 445mm

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